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Monday, June 3, 2013

Mass grave of Palestinians killed by Israel in 1948 found

Published on 1 Jun 2013 : Six mass graves have been found in a Muslim cemetery in Jaffa, south of Tel Aviv. The graves date back to the 1948 Israeli war on the original residents of Palestinian lands.They contain remains of Palestinians killed by Israeli forces. The bodies --- belonging to men, women and children --- were found during construction work on the cemetery.

Palestinian media expert, Nasser al-Laham says that the bodies were buried with no ethics on part of the Israelis and that they uncover the war crimes committed by Israeli forces in 1948.The majority of those buried were killed during heavy shelling in the area and the bodies were buried contrary to Muslim tradition.

A Jaffa fisherman --- now 80 years old --- has reportedly said that during the final months of the 1948 war he had helped collect the Arab dead in an area south of Jaffa. The fisherman said he had been a teenager at that time and he had brought the bodies for hasty burial in the cemetery.

The unmarked graves recovered from the site expose Israel's war crimes. Tel Aviv now is denying the families of the victims the courtesy to give them a Muslim burial.