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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

UN report condemns Israel for violence

Published on 24 Sep 2013 | The Israeli army is guilty of using excessive force, killing many Palestinians in the West Bank. That is according to a report by the United Nations. The study also cites several cases where young Palestinians have been paralysed or severely injured because of practices by the Israeli military.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Egypt's Military Regime Shuts Gaza's Main Border Crossing

Published on 19 Sep 2013 | Egypt's coup regime limits access to the Rafah border crossing, stranding thousands of patients, students and business people.

See more videos: http://therealnews.com

Monday, September 16, 2013

Sabra and Shatila massacre:

In the Sabra and Shatila Palestinian refugee camps in Beirut, Lebanon from approximately 6:00 pm 16 September to 8:00 am 18 September 1982.

Uploaded on 16 Jan 2009 | Journalist Robert Fisk returns to the Sabra and Shatila Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon. Fisk recounts how Lebanese Christian militias who were under the control of the Israeli military murdered over 2000 Palestinians in the camps. Fisk also points to a building in the distance from where he insists the Israeli forces could witness the massacre. The Israeli government's own Kahan Commission found that future Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon was personally responsible for the massacre. This is from a documentary Fisk made about "why so many Muslims have come to hate the West." But we know the real reason is because they hate our freedom, right?