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Sunday, January 13, 2013

2 States Solution - RIV (Rest in Violence).

Palestian protesters evicted from E1, West Bank.

Published on 13 Jan 2013: Israeli police have evicted around a hundred Palestinian protesters from a geographically sensitive area of the West Bank known as E1.

The activists who set up the tent outpost fear that Israeli building in E1 will kill off the possibility of a contiguous Palestinian state in future.

But Israel has earmarked the area for a new settlement.

Israeli policeman Micky Rosenfeld says: "The operation took place after the government and court order was handed out and given to those that trespassed in the area telling them it was illegal place for them to be."

Many Palestinians have been up in arms about the decision since it was announced last November and several European diplomats have warned of the threat to a future Palestinian state.

Independent Palestinian legislator Mustafa Barghouti says:

"This is a system of apartheid. They allow Israeli settlers to stay here illegally on illegal stolen land and they are arresting us, the Palestinians, who are non-violently resisting occupation and resisting settlements."

Israel's Supreme Court had ruled on Friday that the tents could stay for six days while a solution was discussed, but Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu stepped in, ordering that all the people be evacuated.