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Monday, March 12, 2012

Israel's utter failure!

Much have been said about Ashkenazim Jews hauling most of the Nobel prizes or being able to control America despite being only 2% of them. However there is one area where they, in their control of the state of Israel completely failed to provide safety and security to the people under their occupation  as required by the Geneva convention, instead and contrary to that convention, they are the ones guilty of murdering & slaughtering those under their occupation.

Israel Attacks On Gaza Target Head Injuries - Interview With Dr Ayman.

 Where in August they used prohibited weapons to target lower and upper limbs, leaving surviving victims severely disabled from amputations, this time round they are targeting the head. There are no survivors from these attacks.

As Dr Ayman Al-Sahbani, of Al Shifa Hospital Emergency Department told me today, most of the dead had had their heads blown off -- there was just nothing there. (Interview excerpts on attached video 'Gaza' & above)

As for the 'collateral damage' -- the twenty-something injured (including women, children, and the elderly) because they happened to be walking in the street where Israel decided to take out a car, a motorbike - what sort of treatment can they receive when an already overcrowded, under-resourced and under-staff emergency department with only 3-4 doctors already coping with 150 patients in two hours is inundated with by victims of Israeli attacks? When the hospital is suffering electricity cuts because there is no diesel to run the power plant, when it is suffering medicine and medical supply shortages of 185 essential medicines and over 200 essential medical supplies such as gloves, alcohol, sutures? When there are no more beds left to admit them? How can Gazans survive? (See video All the world sees)