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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Kashmir Burning - India

journeymanpictures | November 08, 2010 - It's one of the world's longest-running conflicts, defined by daily street battles and accusations of military abuse. Once again levels of violence have risen with daily battles raging - terror on Srinagar's tired streets?

"What do you think we're fighting for?! Freedom!", cries one of the masked young men preparing to take on the armed police in Srinigar. Once famed for its beauty, the Kashmir valley is now a joyless place of angry streets and automatic rifles. Frustrated over the remaining presence of Indian security forces, seemingly immune to the law. Angry young men and women taking to the streets to fight against "Indian occupation". The police have responded with force, and more than 100 people have died. We hear from the heartbroken family of an eight year old boy, who was beaten to death by the police for breaking the curfew: "a stick was thrust into his mouth, and his teeth were broken". The police deny all allegations, and insist that they "use plastic and rubber bullets". It's not what the video shows! Yet the alleged brutality has radicalised a wide cross-section of the community. The Indian Government says it has appointed three peace envoys in an attempt to calm things. Yet Kashmiris say peace is not what India wants: "the answer unfortunately to every rising in Kashmir is bullets".

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