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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Negotiations On, Occupation via settlements are also On!

Settlements are against Geneva Conventions!

East Jerusalem clash turns deadly :

AlJazeeraEnglish | September 22, 2010 - A Palestinian has been killed after a Jewish settlement guard opened fire at a group of men in an Arab neighbourhood of East Jerusalem.

The incident occurred after clashes broke out between Jewish settlers and a
number of local Palestinians in the Silwan neighbourhood, Al Jazeera's Dan Nolan reports from Jerusalem.

Hamas Absent From Negotiations, but Looms Large

VOAvideo | September 22, 2010 - One question that emerges as Israeli and Palestinian leaders hold talks on a possible peace agreement is what future role Hamas will play. The militant Islamist group controls the Gaza Strip, but refuses to take part in the peace process, partly because its leaders believe negotiations brokered by Washington are biased in favor of Israel.

Editor's Note: This is from VoA, becareful - as usual they are bound to paint , Hamas is the Culprit rather than the victims!