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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Face to Face: Lauren Booth meets Baroness Jenny Tonge.

he show was broadcast on February 2010 from Press TV
Host: Lauren Booth
Face to Face is a Press TV programme

Baroness Tonge. (Dr Jenny Tonge)
· Jenny Tonge was elected to the UK House of Commons in 1997.
· She was made Shadow Secretary of State for International Development the same year.
· She was elevated to the UK House of Lords in 2005, where she is a front bench speaker on health matters.
· She first visited Israel, the West bank and Gaza in 2003 and has been an outspoken critic of the state of Israel ever since.
· She has also spoken out against what she describes as the coalition of Christian Evangelicals, Neocons and Zionists who make up the Israel lobby in the USA and UK.
· She speaks on Palestinian issues, in universities and activist meetings all over the country.
· She recently founded Friends of Palestine an organisation affiliated to the UK Liberal Democrats.
· She is married to Dr Keith Tonge, a consultant neuroradiologist and has 2 sons, one daughter (deceased), and 8 grandchildren.
· Worked as a doctor in the NHS for over 30 years.

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