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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Assassination of an Iranian Nuclear Physicist.

After a bomb kills a nuclear scientist in Tehran, analysts Scott Stewart and Reva Bhalla explain how questions about the attack -- and the victim's identity -- carry implications for Iran and beyond.


An Iranian nuclear physicist has been killed in Tehran - a killing the government is placing squarely on the shoulders of the US and Israel. The US has denied this calling it absurd. Massoud Ali Mohammadi was leaving for his job at Tehran University, when a bomb placed on a motorcycle near his house went off. Al Jazeera's Alireza Roneghi reports from Tehran (12 Jan 10).

Editor's comments

The above shows how western media tries to create an atmosphere of doubts about the assassination?? The western media, through the doubts, are trying to paint the picture that the murderers are people from Ahmadinejad's camp. Never mind the fact that the murdered Professor had been active in Nation building of Iran under the Wilayat-ul-Faqih democracy in Iran, the western media had been cynical to align the Professor with the opposition forces that are against Ahmadinejad. Their theme have been that those against Ahmadinejad are for Regime change! It is a high time that Western Media change their propaganda tones and come to realise that those who are interested in regime change are the terrorist MKO and the Pro Monarchists beneficiaries of Iran's former oppressors. If something happens in America, the media would be quick to say that it is the works of an "Islamic Terrorist", let us give a fair hearing to Iran on this score!